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Introducing our Field series, Heritage series and Legends series. Brewed fresh or barrel aged.

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Farm Fresh

Field Series

Cranberry Tart

A tart pucker of Stevens cranberries, with a refreshing ale backdrop.

Crescent Island Brown

An homage to our rich Crescent Island soil, smooth, earthy and satisfying.

Honeycomb Pale

Our Bees worked their wings off to bring you a Pale Ale that’s buzzing with subtle sweetness.

Ladner Clay IPA

Only our unique Ladner clay soil could be the source of this distinctly local IPA.

Russet Stout

You say potato, and we say ‘how about a palate-pleasing Russet Stout?’

SMASH Pale Ale

A single malt and single hop showcase, letting the flavours of our unique terroir take centre stage.

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Heritage Series and Legend Series

Good Beer

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