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Introducing our Field series, Heritage series and Legends series. Brewed fresh or barrel aged.

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Farm Fresh

Field Series

Cranberry Tart

The refreshing tartness of Sevens cranberry's, over a sweet malt backdrop.

Crescent Island Brown

An homage to our rich Crescent Island soil, smooth, earthy and satisfying.

Honeycomb Pale

Our Bees worked their wings off to bring you a Pale Ale that’s buzzing with subtle sweetness.

Hop Yard Sour

An approachable dry-hopped sour that exhibits balanced acidity and a bright, vibrant tang.

Ladner Clay IPA

Only our unique Ladner clay soil could be the source of this distinctly local IPA. Hints of lemon pift, mildly tropical, and a slight haze.

Tailgate Light Ale

On the farm, the tailgate often stands in for the kitchen table. So hop up and quench your thirst with our single hop, single malt ale. Clean, crisp and crushable.


Forecast Series

Distant Storm


Foggy Fields


Summer Days



Heritage Series

Heavy Horse Blueberry Milkshake IPA

Westham Island Strawberry Sour


Farm Fresh Series

Farmer’s Tap

Tasting Room Only

Landing Lager

Liquor Stores Only

Good Beer

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Got a thirst? Think Barnside First! You can currently find our beer at the brewery, and we’ll update the other locations shortly!

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